Tata Power SED   TATA

Product Range

Weapon Systems
  • Upgrade of 40mm L 70 Air Defence Gun position and control
  • MBRL (PINAKA) Launchers and Command Posts for Artillery
  • AKASH Air Defence Missile Launchers
  • Air Defence Missile Launchers with Integrated sensor
  • Upgradation and Automation of 105mm Field Gun & Installation on a wheeled trailer
  • Upgradation of 155/39mm to 45 or 52 calibre Gun
  • Advanced Hull Electrical System for armoured vehicles
  • Missile Launchers on tracked Vehicles
  • Control and Guidance for Cannon Launched Precision Guided Munitions
  • 155/52mmTowed Gun
  • 155/52mm Gun Tracked and Wheeled
  • Control & Guidance Modules for Canon Launched Precision Guided Missiles
  • Servo Controlled Platforms for Missile / Launchers
  • Electronic Modules for control of Artillery Weapon Systems (Field and Air Defence)