Tata Power SED   TATA

Core Competency

Systems & Engineering

Backed by more than four decades of experience, Tata Power SED has evolved into a Systems and Engineering company with an integrated approach to conception, design, development, manufacture and maintenance.

With skills across Defence Value Chain and strengths in Systems Conceptualisation, Design, Development, Production, Integration and Lifecycle support, Tata Power SED has successfully integrated and demonstrated multi disciplinary Systems Engineering / Systems Integration capabilities in programs of national importance.

An integrated product lifecycle management covering all the phases from conception to delivery and maintenance are the order of the day at Tata Power SED. The Systems involve multiple disciplines namely electronic hardware, software (including embedded and real-time versions), communication systems, mechanical structures, mechanisms, packaging etc.

Along with the involvement of multiple disciplines, the operational life of defence systems required is substantially high - on an average not less than 15-30 years. In order to provide continued support throughout the life of the system, processes ensuring complete traceability are established and implemented across the organisation. The configuration management of hardware and software delivered to the end user is maintained during its entire life cycle.